Refund & Return Policy


  • If the Customer finds any of the Goods to be Defective, the Customer must within 30 days after Delivery of the Goods inform the Company of the defect, in writing, and return the Goods to the Company.

  • Notwithstanding the aforegoing, the Company shall have no liability or obligation to the Customer in respect of any Goods which have been subjected to abuse, misuse, improper use, negligence, accident, alteration or tampering at the hands of the Customer, and the Customer hereby indemnifies the Company accordingly

  • Orders placed incorrectly or by mistake of Customer will need to be returned to the Company on the Customer’s own account. No refunds will be made until the Goods are returned in good order to the specified location of the Company.

  • Products need to be returned with a valid purchase invoice, to ensure the validity of the original purchase.

  • If any defects of the product has been detected, Pet Food City Online needs to be notified immediately and all feeding of the pet with the defective products needs to be halted, to ensure no pets get infected.


  • Refunds can take up to 2 weeks to clear. A 2% transaction fee will be levied and taken into account when refunds are made.

  • Products bought incorrectly will be refunded if another product cannot be found to the clients’ satisfaction, as long as the product bought incorrectly is returned in its original resellable state and not open.